6 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

6 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

  • Katherine Cox + Co.
  • 03/11/24

With its beautiful coastal scenery painting every sunrise with hues of gold and every sunset with strokes of pink and orange, Charleston beckons new residents with the promise of more than just a picturesque town. It's a fun place to live, where the easy-going Southern laid-back style is a way of life that infuses every corner of this historic city. The warmth of the Charleston community is palpable.

Here, diverse outdoor activities abound, offering adventures from the cobblestone streets to the expansive beaches, ensuring that life is always exciting. Whether kayaking through serene waters, exploring lush gardens, or enjoying a stroll along the Battery, Charleston is a playground for those who love to blend their love for nature with a dash of adventure.

From Charleston, SC, luxury homes with breathtaking views to cozy historic homes, there are options to suit everyone. With the guidance of a knowledgeable Charleston, SC, real estate agent, finding your dream home in this enchanting city becomes a delightful journey in itself. Now, let us take you on a culinary voyage through Charleston, where each restaurant is a testament to the city's rich heritage, innovative spirit, and, of course, its undeniable Southern charm.

Circa 1886 Restaurant

149 Wentworth St, Charleston

Circa 1886 is in the original carriage house of the historic Wentworth Mansion. This dining establishment offers guests an authentic piece of the city's past with its preserved pine floors that have witnessed centuries of history. The ambiance of Circa 1886 is undeniably romantic, characterized by the warmth and charm that only a structure with such a storied past could provide.

The menu at Circa 1886 is a dynamic celebration of the seasons, featuring ingredients at their peak to craft dishes that are both innovative and deeply rooted in the region's culinary traditions. The executive chef, who has honed his skills under the tutelage of award-winning chefs across Europe, brings sophistication and depth to the Lowcountry cuisine. This expertise is showcased through the restaurant's tasting menus, which offer a curated journey through the best of what the season has to offer, allowing guests to explore a variety of flavors and textures.

This approach has earned the restaurant critical acclaim and positioned the executive chef as a key figure in Charleston's culinary scene, evidenced by his founding role in the annual Charleston Wine + Food Festival. Much like Circa 1886, this event celebrates the innovation and tradition that make Charleston a culinary destination.

Charleston Grill

224 King St, Charleston

Charleston Grill, located within the elegant confines of The Charleston Place, offers an exquisite dining experience that marries upscale Southern cuisine with a French twist. This award-winning venue is renowned for its culinary excellence and ambiance, highlighted by live jazz performances that fill the space with a vibrant and sophisticated energy.

The seasonal menu at Charleston Grill is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to quality and creativity. Each dish is carefully crafted to honor the traditions of the South while incorporating imaginative elements that elevate the dining experience. The result is a menu that is both familiar and novel, inviting diners to explore the depths of Southern French cuisine through a modern lens.

Wine pairings are an integral part of the Charleston Grill experience. The restaurant's sommeliers are experts at guiding guests through their extensive wine list, ensuring a harmonious match that enhances the meal.

For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, Charleston Grill offers private dining options. These exclusive settings provide a secluded atmosphere for special occasions, allowing guests to enjoy the restaurant's signature dishes and impeccable service in a more personal setting.


232 Meeting St, Charleston

FIG is an upscale bistro setting that merges refined elegance with the warmth of Southern hospitality. The restaurant is acclaimed for its impeccable service, ensuring every guest's memorable and personalized experience. At the heart of FIG's philosophy is a commitment to elevated Southern classics, reimagined with a modern twist and an unwavering focus on quality.

The menu at FIG is seasonal, reflecting the restaurant's dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients. This approach allows for a dynamic dining experience that evolves with the seasons, offering guests new flavors and compositions that highlight what the region offers. The culinary team at FIG skillfully balances innovation with tradition, crafting comforting and exciting dishes.

FIG has a long wine list that showcases a thoughtful selection of Old-World classics alongside offerings from small family wineries. The wine list at FIG invites exploration, encouraging diners to discover new varietals and regions while enjoying the restaurant's exquisite cuisine.

The Restaurant at Zero George

Left Side, 0 George St, Charleston

The Restaurant at Zero George is celebrated for its sublime and charming ambiance, providing an upscale dining experience that epitomizes New American cuisine. Set within a picturesque setting, the restaurant offers an inspired tasting menu that showcases the chef's innovative approach to culinary creation.

A highlight of the dining experience at Zero George is the caviar bar, an indulgent offering that elevates the meal to new heights. This luxurious feature adds an element of opulence, allowing guests to indulge in the finest caviar selections, perfectly complemented by the restaurant's expertly curated wine list.

The Restaurant at Zero George extends an exclusive opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the culinary arts through its cooking classes. These sessions are interactive experiences where guests can sip and study alongside the chef and sommelier. This unique offering provides a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant's culinary philosophy and techniques, making it an unforgettable experience for food enthusiasts looking to deepen their appreciation for fine dining and wine pairing.

Peninsula Grill

112 N Market St, Charleston

Peninsula Grill is distinguished as a Four-Diamond and Four-Star restaurant. Set in a spacious and posh environment, the restaurant offers guests an unparalleled dining experience in the heart of Charleston. Its elegant courtyard provides a serene and inviting outdoor space, perfect for enjoying a meal under the stars or a pre-dinner cocktail in a lush garden setting.

The culinary offerings at Peninsula Grill celebrate elevated Southern fare, focusing on the freshness and quality of ingredients. The menu features a selection of fresh seafood, prime-cut steaks, and local produce, each crafted to highlight the natural flavors and quality of the ingredients. A standout item is the famous 12-layer coconut cake, made from scratch daily.

The Champagne bar offers a curated selection of fine champagnes and sparkling wines. This sophisticated element of the dining experience complements the restaurant's commitment to excellence, providing guests with a perfect pairing for any meal or a celebratory toast.

Grill 225

225 E Bay St, Charleston

Grill 225, in the luxurious Market Pavilion Hotel, is Charleston's premier fine chophouse. The restaurant serves 100% USDA Prime Beef, ensuring every steak is of the highest quality. These hand-cut and hand-selected steaks are wet-aged for 42-50 days, enhancing their flavor and tenderness.

The venue is also renowned for its innovative Nitrotini cocktails. These signature drinks, infused with liquid nitrogen, offer guests a unique and visually stunning experience. Grill 225 is the only place where staff are expertly trained to serve Nitrotinis, making each cocktail a beverage and a performance in its own right.

The combination of its exceptional steaks, distinctive cocktails, and the sophisticated ambiance of the Market Pavilion Hotel makes Grill 225 delivers excellence on every level, from the plate to the glass.

Charleston: Your next chapter awaits

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